What’s the Purpose of Going on a Mission Trip?

So you’ve seen the work Sozo Children does in Uganda and want to get involved, but are wondering what’s the purpose of going on a mission trip. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about why we run mission trips, what they involve and what you can get out of them.

What Is a Mission Trip?

A mission trip involves visiting communities around the world to address key problems and uplift individuals. They can be either religious or non-religious and are typically undertaken by a group of volunteers who wish to enhance the lives of marginalized communities around the globe.

At Sozo Children, we run regular mission trips to Uganda. While there, our team builds relationships with the local community and shares in the wonder of God’s creation.

What is The Purpose of Going on A Mission Trip?

At Sozo Children, our mission trips aim to connect, serve and grow. With volunteers aged between 6 to 75, we have opportunities available for everyone and hope to strengthen the relationship between our volunteers, the communities they serve, and Jesus Christ.


When you travel with Sozo, you will make friends with some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. You will learn about the culture, climate, and community in Uganda and gain a perspective on God’s creation you never knew before.

mission trip


Each trip offers team members an opportunity to share in the experience of serving others whether it is spending time with our staff and the children we serve, leading worship time in the local community or delivering food to hungry families.   


In essence, mission trips are about building relationships. As you walk alongside other believers in service, prayer and fellowship, God’s unique purpose and calling in your life becomes more evident. Spiritual growth is a very personal experience and Sozo is blessed to share with each team member who joins our family.

What Does a Mission Trip Involve?

Each mission trip is different, depending on the needs of the local community that we are serving. Typically, our volunteers will spend their time working on specific projects before joining the local children for daily devotion.

Our previous projects have included teaching families to prepare nutritious meals, providing safe shelter for locals, and running mentorship programs for the local children.

Why Should I Take Part in a Mission Trip?

Alongside making a positive difference in the lives of Ugandan children, you will also be fostering your own relationship with God and your faith during your mission trip.

You will also have the opportunity to experience Ugandan culture and build relationships with the local community. Each trip also includes a Day in Creation, where volunteers are able to discover the natural beauty of Uganda for themselves. This may be in the form of a wildlife safari, behind-the-scenes zoo experience, or a visit to a conservation center.

Ready to take the next step in your journey as God’s servant? Contact Sozo Children if you would like to learn more about how to help children in Uganda and join one of our mission trips.