What We Do

Our Model


We rescue children from extreme poverty, abuse, abandonment, and trafficking.


We restore families through an integrative continuum of care.


We replicate by equipping children and families to affect their communities for God's Glory.

Rescue. Restore. Replicate.

Child Development

Our primary purpose is to serve the needs of the children entrusted to our care. By providing a safe home, a quality education, a healthy diet, and spiritual guidance through our dedicated Ugandan staff, each child is equipped to face the future free from the bondage of generational poverty. Investing in the children of today ensures a brighter future for the communities they will grow up to serve as inspired leaders for Christ.

OUR Programs

Quality K-12 education to prepare our children through trade school or university.

Balanced, nutritious meals prepared daily contribute to overall physical wellness and disease prevention.


Daily worship and devotions to nurture a personal relationship with Christ and provide opportunities to grow in servant leadership.

Access to quality medical, emotional and psychological care to ensure proper physical and emotional development.

Safe shelter with a nurturing Ugandan family and basic needs that support overall well-being. 

Training and mentorship programs to equip each child with the necessary leadership skills to become thriving Christian leaders. 

Community Development

In order to carry out our vision to see “all children thriving and all communities transformed,” we partner with government and faith-leaders, in the community surrounding Sozo Village, to assist with health care, education, and nutrition support. From prenatal and parenting classes to providing new jobs and vocational training opportunities, we believe a brighter future begins with a stronger community. 

OUR Programs

Through Kid’s Club and men and women’s fellowship groups, a special discipleship curriculum introduces children and families to the Word of God, resulting in spiritual multiplication. 

Individuals participate in a Biblically-focused, eight-week Work for Life program to identify skills, manage finances and draft a business plan. 


Biblically-based parenting skills, pre-marital counseling and practical classes on housekeeping and pre-natal care are offered weekly to the local community.

Nutritious snacks are provided through Kid’s Club and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) training is offered to children and families in the community. Through these two initiatives, critical medical and emergency shelter needs are often identified and met by child development team. 


The Sozo Children’s Choir tours the US every two years as a way to provide ministry opportunities for our children and enrich their spiritual, personal and cultural development. Through the tour, our children can share Christ's love through song and cultural dance, grow in their faith, and continue learning to serve others as part of Sozo Children’s mission to empower vulnerable children to become thriving leaders for Jesus Christ.