COVID-19 Update – March 27

Dear Friends,

I wanted to follow up from the last update you received from me concerning COVID-19. The challenges this pandemic presents for us in the US and Uganda are unprecedented. I know you may also be facing personal challenges of your own at work or with family. Please reach out to me and let us know how we can be praying for you. We know these are uncertain times, and we also know God is in control.

There are now confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Uganda. Access to quality health care in vulnerable communities is extremely limited. To compound the matter, the hygiene items we find to be scarce here are even harder to find there and the cost of food will increase during this time. We have seen cases multiply here. Imagine the effects this virus could have amongst our most vulnerable in Uganda. The President of Uganda has closed the borders to the country, has ordered for the closures of schools, and suspended religious gatherings for one month. 

While thankfully there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our staff or children in the US or Uganda, the schools our children attend are closed, access is restricted to the Sozo land and social distancing with our village neighbors is being implemented. I normally don’t use the word URGENT when I’m sharing with you, but the emergency and potential longer-term impact created by COVID-19 is not normal.

We are grateful for the giving of friends like you who provide nearly 34% of the vital funds needed to support our mission through child sponsorship, monthly giving and one-time gifts. The remaining 66% of our funding in 2020 is projected to come through events, mission trips to Uganda, Sozo Choir tour, and Sozo Trading Co, all of which have been put on hold and significantly impacted by COVID-19.

We have implemented measures to adjust costs in both the US and Uganda, while doing our very best to maintain the highest level of care for our children and ensure we support our team who helps to fulfill our mission every single day. BUT with the impact of COVID-19, we cannot do this without your life-giving support. Your giving will help us continue to provide proper sanitation supplies, medical care, and nutritious meals while allowing our Ugandan caregivers to focus on the emotional, physical and spiritual support the children depend upon.

These caregivers point them to our true Hope. Their presence in Uganda reminds our precious kiddos they are not abandoned.

Your support nurtures the seeds of hope that have been planted.Together we will continue to stand with Sozo Children until we see ALL children thriving and ALL communities transformed. Thank you for considering the options below to help see us through this time, and please know our children and staff are praying for you and your families.

What you do matters!  
Suzanne Owens
Chief Executive Officer 
205.208.0016 |

Ways to Help:

  • Make a one-time gift to provide immediate support for Sozo Children.

  • Become a child sponsor. If you already sponsor, consider increasing your sponsorship or committing to sponsor another child. 

  • Become a monthly giver to help sustain us throughout the year. If you are already a monthly giver, consider increasing your monthly gift amount.

We also have many immediate needs for the choir. Click below to see list.