Why Sponsorship Matters

Sponsoring a child through Sozo Children makes your charitable act personal. As a small-scale operation, you can see how your money is being used to support a child in need. From providing medical care and a quality education to giving them a roof over their head and daily discipleship, our sponsorship program allows you to make a significant impact on a Ugandan child’s life.


You are joining our growing, global community dedicated to giving vulnerable children a thriving, Christ-centered future. Your role as a sponsor goes beyond a commitment to provide financial support but to also consistently pray for and encourage your sponsor child of care. Build your relationship by writing letters, sending and receiving updated pictures, and learning about your sponsor child's academic progress.

Through your sponsorship support of just $39 or more per month, our child-focused approach provides resources based on each individual child’s needs which include the following areas of care.

  • The chance to grow up in a stable, loving, nurturing family environment with proper nutrition.
  • A secure home for the entirety of their childhood.
  • A quality education from qualified teachers and trainers.
  • Access to the best medical care.
  • The chance to belong to a supportive community while being discipled.

Where They Are Now



In 2014, Sozo Children began supporting Ibrah through your help and our sponsorship program.

Today, Ibrah talks about how he never took going to school for granted, his love and gratitude for his sponsors, and how proud he is of himself for graduating from university with a degree in social work.

Ibrah is now one of our social workers in Uganda, helping to fulfill Sozo’s vision to see All Children Thriving. Ibrah knows what he does matters. He truly is making a difference in young children who come to us for help just as he did. 

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Eddy was a part of Sozo for 7 years. He completed a tailoring apprenticeship and transitioned out of Sozo sponsorship into independent living. He continues working on his tailoring business and has joined a local church serving as an usher.

eddy (1)



Happy was sponsored by Sozo Children to first receive his bachelor’s degree in Community Development, and is the first sponsored child of Sozo to graduate with his master’s degree. Happy joined our staff as the Community Relations Assistant putting his degree in public health to use. Happy has already contributed immensely to our community in Uganda, and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our team.


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Depending on their need, a child may receive Total Support sponsorship where they live in family-style children’s homes on Sozo Children’s land with one caregiver and up to seven “Sozo siblings.” Children may also remain living with their biological families, and receive Family Support sponsorship in order to go to school, receive medical care, and discipleship opportunities. Family Support sponsorship enables families to stay together and allows parents to provide for the basic needs of their children. In both circumstances, children are able to thrive through the support of their sponsors.

100% of all sponsorship donations go directly to a pool of funds to provide for our children and their care in Uganda. Even if a child is not fully sponsored, Sozo ensures each child receives all of the services offered through our continuum of care. If there is an extra opportunity or emergency in your sponsor child’s life, we will reach out to you personally about the opportunity to prayerfully consider how you may be able to help cover the associated costs.

Sponsorships consist of donation segments we call “shares.” Each child has 12-16 shares, so it is possible for one child to have as many as 16 sponsors or as few as one sponsor covering all shares. A sponsor can decide how many of the available shares to pick for a child and many donors sponsor shares for more than one child. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and every child seeks to have unique relationships with each sponsor. Your sponsorship is truly an investment in children’s lives and futures!


Becoming a Sponsor

Our sponsorship donations program starts from just $39 a month, and every cent of your donation will go specifically towards caring for and supporting the child you have sponsored. You will also have the opportunity to exchange letters, celebrate holidays, and even travel out to visit your sponsor child in Uganda if that is something you’d like to do.

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