Hope: Susan’s Story


If you were walking into Kid’s Club in our village, you would witness children jumping rope and playing together, and little ones being passed around and loved on. You couldn’t help but notice one particular young girl, not because she is the loudest, or the fastest, but because of her contagious smile. Susan was born in a rural village in Uganda, abandoned by her father as a baby due to her special needs. Children with disabilities in Uganda are often discriminated against and neglected basic care.


Susan’s life has not been easy—a disabled body, not being enrolled in school, no proper nutrition, physical and mental abuse—yet you find her joyful and smiling in her vulnerable circumstances. Earlier this year, Susan began showing up to Kid’s Club sick and the Sozo mums took notice—she was unable to lift her head and that infectious smile was missing. Our staff knew they needed to take action and with the permission of her grandmother, Sozo was able to get medical care for her hernia and malaria.

Today, Susan lives in Sozo housing under the care of a Sozo mum. She was immediately welcomed with outstretched arms by each of the Sozo children.When she walked up, the younger girls came running, insisting they be the ones to help her adjust to her new home—helping her bathe and giving her clean clothes. She is now in a safe, clean environment, receives proper nutrition, has medical check ups on a regular basis, is able to do physical and speech therapy and will soon be enrolled in school! She has been embraced into the Sozo family, just as we have all been embraced by our sweet Father—with open arms and acceptance.

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