How Sponsoring a Child Makes an Impact

There are countless organizations that bless children in need, thanks to the generosity of donors. So what makes Sozo different and how does sponsoring a child make an impact?

Helping Ugandan children starts with seeing that they have a variety of needs and each of those needs is important.

In 2019, UNICEF put out a situation analysis of children in Uganda. In this report, they say,

“In order for Uganda to achieve middleincome status by 2040 and reap the potential demographic dividend, an integrated approach is needed. There are no ‘either ors’… Alleviating the burden of multiple deprivations on children requires a carefully calibrated mix of interventions aimed at addressing both social and economic exclusion, while protecting children from violence and exploitation., “Situation Analysis of Children in Uganda”

As a ministry, we strive to take what Unicef calls an “integrated approach” to helping Ugandan children by focusing on three key needs that they have: physical, emotional, and spiritual. When you sponsor a child with Sozo, you are impacting their life as a whole. God does the work, we are simply His hands and feet, bringing HIS love and hope to these children.

Sponsoring a Child

Linking Arms With Sozo

Sozo provides practical assistance to Ugandan children.

First of all, sponsoring a child with Sozo helps provide practical provision for the basic day-to-day needs of a Ugandan child. This includes, but is not limited to:

Your donations go directly towards our efforts to support these kids’ physical circumstances, whether they are in need of medical attention, educational expenses, or a safe place to live. It’s amazing how meeting these physical needs paves the way for us to support these children in other ways!

Sozo provides emotional support to Ugandan children.

In addition to these physical needs, Sozo attends to the emotional needs of Ugandan children as well, providing them with much-needed love and care. Many of the Sozo children come from traumatic circumstances, abusive homes, and war zones. While we cannot heal a child from their trauma (only God can do that), we can facilitate healing by providing them with counseling services and a safe place to heal and start fresh. Additionally, our staff can provide emotional support to these children by listening to them and praying with them.

Sozo offers spiritual guidance to Ugandan children.

When you sponsor a child with Sozo, you are also giving that child the opportunity to grow up in a faith-filled, godly home, where they can learn more about Jesus and His love for them! Physical and emotional needs are very real and need to be met. But they are building blocks to a deeper, greater need. Ugandan children need Jesus; they need the hope of the gospel! Sponsorship has, therefore, an immediate and an eternal impact on these kids’ lives.

What Does Sponsoring a Child with Sozo Involve?

When you sponsor a child through Sozo, you commit to supporting them in every manner. This starts with financial support but extends to prayer and encouragement as well. For example, as a sponsor, you’ll be able to write letters to the child you support, exchange photos, and keep in touch with them as they grow up. You can even visit your child in Uganda if you want to! We encourage all of our sponsors to develop a relationship with the child they sponsor.

Would you like to be a part of what we’re doing in Uganda? We value your prayers and your partnership! Sponsorship support starts at just $35 per month. For more information, click here or contact Megan at Thank you for your support!