Here’s How You Can Pray for Sozo Children Right Now

We so appreciate those of you who partner with us in prayer! Here are some specific requests to keep in mind as you pray for Sozo children this month.

Physical Needs

  • Pray for Sozo children and their health and safety at school. Since they returned to school, coughs and the flu have been going around.
  • Uganda’s economy is faced with inflation, making it impossible for families to afford primary care. Pray for Sozo children and families, that God would provide for their needs in the face of increased prices, especially of gas (fuel), food, and essential household items.
Pray for Sozo Children

Spiritual Needs

  • Pray for the Ugandan President and his Cabinet, that God would give them wisdom and discernment to lead Uganda in God’s direction.
  • Pray for our Sozo staff, especially our direct caregivers, for God to give them stamina, wisdom, and discernment as they continue to raise our children to become thriving leaders for Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for all Sozo staff, that God would give them fulfillment, total trust in God, and a continued passion for ministry.

Ministry Needs

  • Justine, our counselor, is ready to pastor a Sozo church where the community can always be a part. Pray the Lord would bless these efforts as we need a church for the community.
  • Pray for God to provide for us the right piece of property we need to do ministry on for the Ngongolo village.

Prayer warriors are so valuable to this ministry! But if you’d like to partner with Sozo in other ways besides prayer, there are plenty of ways to get involved! Sponsor a child, donate to the ministry, book the choir, or go on a mission trip.