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Sponsorship Handbook

Are you thinking of becoming a sponsor? Read over our Sponsorship Handbook to answer all your questions about sponsorship. Our handbook will provide you with all the information you need to become an official  Sozo Sponsor!


Letter writing guide

If you're already a sponsor, our letter writing guide will help you to connect with your Sozo child and forge a new line of communication that both of you will value. Check out our letter-writing guide on how to get started.

Christmas and birthdays

Our sponsored children love receiving letters and gifts from your extra donations on special occasions. If you would like to do something special to celebrate your sponsor child's birthday, Christmas, or other events, visit our Gift Guide.

Going on trips

Are you planning to visit us in Uganda? Our guide to your upcoming trip will clue you into what you should know before you step onto the plane. If you're a planner, our guidebook is the best place to start.

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