Sozo Choir Finally Goes Home!


A praise report is needed to be shared with everyone! 

Our Sozo Children’s Choir is officially back home in Uganda! Although they left Birmingham on July 17, and arrived back in Uganda late on July 18th, they have been in an extensive quarantine since that time but they have all been cleared to return to the Sozo homes or to their respective families. For that, we are very grateful!

Although the tour did not go as planned due to the pandemic, the choir members have all expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their time here in the States and for the time they spent meeting host families, sponsors, and the many new friends they made along the journey.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who made the tour a success despite the circumstances. 

While the kids are returning to daily life back in Uganda, it is almost time to begin planning the 2022 choir tour! In the next few months, our team in Uganda will name the 2022 choir members and we will begin securing visas, making travel plans and BOOKING performances. 

Until then, we wanted to share a few comments from the choir and some photos of them celebrating their safe return home. I hope these will put a big smile on your face–just as it did mine! 

What was your favorite part of coming to the US? 
“Meeting new friends in host homes & performing.” – Aaron
“Swimming and eating new foods.” – Eva
“Getting to meet the pilots!” – Hannington
“Meeting some of my sponsors.” – Mariam
“Going to church camp. There were lots of fun things, like rock climbing, games & zip line.” – Junior

How did the tour impact you? 
“I learned to glorify God by preaching the Gospel to everyone I met.” – Prophet
“I prayed more and learned more about the Bible.” – Calvin
“I drew closer to God, loving one another given that we were in lockdown.” – Henry
“I learned more about sharing and how good it is, especially in host homes. ” – Jimmy
“I grew to love everyone! Based on Galatians 5:12, the fruits of the Holy Spirit.” – Keziah