3 Things You Learn on a Mission Trip to Uganda

If you’ve never been on a mission trip before, you may not understand just how impactful they can be. Here are 3 things you learn on a mission trip to Uganda.

The Ugandan People Are Filled With Joy!

Africa is known as the Continent of Light, and it’s not hard to see why. In Uganda, 41% of people live in poverty, but despite how impoverished the Ugandan people are, they remain joyful and hopeful! This is convicting considering how discontent we can be here in the States, even with all the Lord has blessed us with.

The Ugandan children are especially joy-filled. Many of them have experienced trauma in one way or another, so it is incredibly powerful to see how the Lord can rescue and restore these little ones from awful situations. Going on a mission trip to Uganda allows you to share the love and hope of Christ with these kids and witness the work He is doing in their lives.

Mission Trip to Uganda

The Lord Uses Missions Trips to Change the Lives of Those Who Go

While it’s true that Ugandans are impacted by mission trips, we are the ones that walk away the most changed. When you go on a mission trip to Uganda, your eyes are opened to the needs of others. When you step outside your “bubble,” you are able to see the global impact of the gospel, that God doesn’t just love Americans, he loves people from every corner of the earth.

When you go on a mission trip to Uganda, you also see how differently Ugandans worship, even though we worship the same God here in the States. Ugandans love to dance for the Lord, beat drums, and rarely use other instruments or hymnbooks in their worship services. Ugandans also understand the spiritual discipline of rest and slowness is an integral part of their culture, which is counter to the hustle and bustle of Americans.

You Come Back More Energized to Serve in Your Own Community

Serving others in another country changes you, so much so that when you return home, you can’t help but want to continue serving in your own community. The things that used to be important to you don’t seem as important in the light of what you saw overseas in Uganda.

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